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It all started when my girlfriend, Katherine, found a butterfly in her window at home. Being sweet she saved it and gave it to me. I took the butterfly home, put the it on a shelf and there it sat for a few months.


In time it occurred to me that I wanted to preserve the butterfly and the sweet gesture that it symbolized. I didn't know how to properly mount the butterfly like you normally see being done but I did have a fiberglass repair kit in my studio. So I thought "why not" and gave it a try. When I finished I brought the butterfly to Katherine to see what she thought. She loved it! She hung it in the window like a light catcher and showed it to my sister and their friends. They were amazed and encouraged me to make more into necklaces. That's been over ten years ago now and since then I have been selling my butterfly jewelry all that time at arts & crafts shows and festivals.


It has been a wild ride, juggling shows, meeting people and running my studio. And I can honestly say, with that one sweet little gesture of my girlfriend, that I have certainly felt the butterfly effect in my life.




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